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Technical Specifications - Sunstream GC

Sunstream GC

Sunstream GC uses ceramic coated steel inner tank and is 1.5mm thick to guard against the corrosive effects of hard water. It is sufficiently robust to handle hard water up to 1500 parts per million (ppm). The outer tank is made of stainless steel 430, and gives the product an excellent look and feel.

Our Sunstream systems are manufactured in-house, and tailored to our customer needs: whether hard or soft water, pressurized or non-pressurized systems, stainless steel or mild steel tank, evacuated glass tube or copper flat plate collectors.

Sunstream GC belongs to our class of products known as Sunstream G. ‘G’ stands for glass – as in evacuated glass tubes. Orb uses big 58mm glass tubes to heat water from 25 to 65 degrees in just 4.5 hours (assuming an average sunny day in India). ‘C’ stands for ceramic – the inner tank of Sunstream GC comes with specially coated ceramic to with stand hard water beyond 1500 PPM and also increases the life of the tank.

Compared to using electricity, Sunstream GC systems save customers a lot of money. The average daily cost of a Sunstream system using evacuated glass tubes is Rs 12 (USD 0.24 cents). The average daily cost of an electric geyser is nearly twice that, at Rs 21 (USD 0.42 cents).

The customer can also opt for a back-up coil to be inserted in their Sunstream system for hot water even during extended cloudy weather.

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