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Charge Controllers

Solar MPM System - MPPT 100/30 (30A)

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking technology increases the efficiency of your PV system
  • Less expensive solar panels for grid-feed-in systems can now be used for 12/24 V off-grid systems
  • Electronic protection (reverse polarity, overcurrent, short-circuit, overtemperature)
  • High efficiency
  • DIN rail compatible
  • Negative grounding

With innovative maximum power tracking technology, Phocos‘ MPP-tracker ensures maximum performance from your solar array at all times and in all weather conditions. The MPPT can yield an energy gain from your PV array (up to 30%).

When a central unit is used, up to 8 MPPTs can be operated in one system. The charge regulation is then done via data bus by the central unit. This will enable you to increase your system capacity substantially.

The temperature-compensated three-stage I-U curve charge regulation algorithm significantly extends the lifespan of your battery.

The possibility to use less expensive grid-feedin solar panels with up to 95 V open circuit voltage for 12 V or 24 V stand-alone systems will significantly reduce the cost of the total system.

Type MPPT 100/30
System voltage 12/24 V, auto recognition
Nominal charge current 30 A
Max. battery charge current 33 A
Float charge 13.8/27.6 V (25 °C)
Main charge 14.4 V/28.8 V (25 °C), 0.5 h (daily)
Boost charge / activation 14.4/28.8 V (25 °C), 2 h battery voltage < 12.3/24.6 V
Equalization charge / activation 14.8/29.6 V (25 °C), 2 h battery voltage < 12.1/24.2 V
Max. battery voltage 32 V
Max. PV voltage 95 V
Min. PV voltage 17/34 V
Max. PV input power 450 W@12 V, 900 W@24 V
Standby power consumption < 30 mW at 12 V system voltage(< 2 mA); < 80 mW at 24 V system voltage (< 3 mA)
Temperature compensation –24 mV/K (12 V ); –48 mV/K (24 V)
Power conversion efficiency Up to 98%
Grounding Negative grounded
Ambient temperature –40 to +50 °C
Battery type Lead acid (GEL, AGM, flooded)
Max. wire cross section 35 mm2
Dimensions (W x H x D) 185 x 150 x 115 mm
Weight 1.6 kg
Type of protection IP20