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Pico Lamp/System - CLD 12 (5 – 15 W)

  • 12 V DC operation
  • Over temperature protection (OTP)
  • Extremely high illumination efficacy
  • High number of switching cycles
  • Standard E27 lamp socket
  • Tube socket G24

The new D-series of CFL lamps come with a special feature: a detachable tube. Therefore the ballast can be reused in case of a broken or damaged tube. The lamps provide very high illumination levels at low power consumption. This high quality 12 V DC lamp can be used directly in 12 V battery or solar systems. The life span of the lamp is more than 8,000 hours. A special electronic circuit guarantees an extremely high number of switching cycles.

The lamp has a standard E27/Edison socket. It is an excellent choice for any illumination purpose which requires more than 100 lumens.


CLD 1205C
CLD 1205W/ CLD 1207C
CLD 1207W/ CLD 1211C
CLD 1211W/ CLD 1215C
CLD 1215W

Operating voltage 11 – 15 V
Power consumption 5 W/ 7 W/ 11 W/ 15 W
Operating current 400 mA/560 mA/ 900 mA/ 1,200 mA
Light output 240 lm/ 350 lm (C)
360 lm (W)/ 620 lm(C)
650 lm(W)/ 900 lm
Light color 6,400 K (C)
2,700 K (W)
Ambient temperature –10 to +50 °C / –10 to +40 °C
Socket E27 (Edison)