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Pico Lamp/System - CIS-DR series (0.35 − 2.8 A)

  • Specially designed for solar street lights and applications in demanding environments
  • Robust fully protected case (IP67)
  • Buck/boost converter for a wide LED string voltage range, for all standard industry LED blocks
  • External temperature sensor
  • Soft-start enhanced design for a longer LED lifetime
  • Linear or true-color PWM LED dimming
  • Analog & PWM dimming inputs
  • Small size fits in most applications

The Phocos CIS-DR is perfect for a variety of lighting applications like solar street lights, message boards, flasher or warning systems, and as well as it works great for controlling systems, for traffic, oil or gas sectors, just to name a few. The CIS-DR drives LED strings over a wide voltage range (2 - 54 V). The LED current is selectable in three stages: low, middle and high current (mA) by a rotary switch, for each product size (LC, MC, HC).

Three product sizes with three current levels Low Current(LC): 350mA 500mA 700mA
Medium Current(MC): 1,050mA 1,400mA 1,750mA
High Current(HC): 2,100mA 2,450mA 2,800mA

The CIS-DR has analog and PWM dim inputs to control the brightness of connected LED lights in either linear or PWM output currents for professional true color dimming. The external temperature sensor limits LED block maximum operating temperature and extending its lifetime. The LED driver also enable a soft start so that LEDs are turned on progressively extending their LED lifetime and lowering the maintenance costs.

The CIS-DR is specially suited to operate with our CIS charge controller’s series (e. g. CIS-N and CIS-MPPT). It will work with any other charge controllers that provide the appropriate dim signals.

Thanks to the timer and dimmer functions of the CIS series of charge controllers individual and effective lighting concepts can be realized. For example the implemented night/day detection allows the light to be automatically switched on or off at sunrise or sunset. System designs can be configured effectively, leading to reduced energy and investment costs

The fully encapsulated housing (IP67) allows the installation of this product even in humid environments..



System voltage range 11 to 35 V
Max. input current

3.5 A (internal limited) / 6.5 A (internal limited) / 6.5 A (internal limited)

Max. output current

350 mA, 550 mA, 700 mA / 1,050 mA, 1,400 mA, 1,750 mA / 2,100 mA, 2,450 mA, 2,800 mA

Max. ouput voltage 54 V
Deep discharge protection:
LVD level
Reconnect voltage level

10 V
11 V
Max. input supply voltage 35 V
Self consumption < 10 mA
Grounding Negative grounding
Temperature range:
Storage temperature
Operating temperature

-40 to +60 °C
-40 to +50 °C
Max. altitude 4,000 m above sea level
Length of conductors 50 cm
Dimensions (W x H x D) 88.5 x 112 x 41.4 mm
Weight 625 g
Wire cross section LED string: 2.5 mm2, dimm control: 0.2 mm2, power supply: 2.5 mm2
Type of protection IP67
Technical data dimming input


Dimming options Linear, PWM
PWM dimming input control voltage Voltage range: 2 – 10 V; PWM frequency range: 100 – 600 Hz
Input voltage range 0 – 10 V
Input current 0 – 100 μA
Technical data dimming output CIS-DR-LC/CIS-DR-MC/CIS-DR-HC

Dimming options Linear (high efficient), PWM (true-color-dimming) 400 Hz