BlueBird water softeners are suitable for Individual home, Villas, Rock Homes, and Entire Apartments ( Not suitable for Single flat )

Technical Specifications



Water is an indispensable part of our daily life and household tasks. However, contamination in your overhead tank water can damage ones skin & hair, clothes texture, causes choking & scaling of appliances , etc. It may contain:

  1. Mud & Muck
  2. Heavy Metals
  3. Harmful Gases
  4. Sediments
  5. Bad Odor
  6. Sweage Affluent etc.



Aquadawn Wholehouse Filter, ensures that the water going into your storage tank is 100% pure and healthy. It is the best and the easiest way to get rid of all the problems, giving you benefits like, healthy teeth , hygienic cooking , bright clothes, foaming bath, glossy car wash , etc .

AquaDawn Wholehouse Filter

AquaDawn Wholehouse Filter is an ideal equipment for whole household’s requirement for soft water at economy rates and is highly profitable.

  1. Softer healthier skin and hair, brighter, cleaner, longer lasting clothes.
  2. Use up to 75% less soap, shampoo, detergent, and other cleaning products.
  3. Dramatically reduce your home energy consumption and save up to 48% on your water heating bills.
  4. Enjoy spotless, scale-free dishes, tile, sinks, faucets, bathtubs, showers and appliances.

AquaDawn Wholehouse Filter

10 year warranty 

Our Wholehouse Filter are of unmatched quality and so robust that we offer a warranty of 10 years on vessel. Our valued clients enjoy endless supplies of Filtered water for years with minimum maintenance requirement. In case of any emergency our service engineers willingly attend and help our clients with all their sincerity and professional ability.

Designed to Perform

Our in house R & D Division at our Factory in Malaysia continuously works towards providing the best product around the world. After thorough study of water quality and living habit in India, our qualified engineers designed Wholehouse Filter for the Indian subcontinent markets which will perform the most. Its unique tall design allows us to take maximum possible output from the product by providing maximum contact time for the AquiliteTM media to filter the water.

AquiliteTM Miracle for Wholehouse

After years of research AquiliteTM media was born as a new paragon in filtration technology. It filters, reduces water wastage, removes toxic and noxious chemicals and is highly effective in all domestic, industrial and commercial water applications.

Finest FRP Material

Aquionics uses the finest FRP raw materials to manufacture Wholehouse Filter vessel enabling us to produce the most reliable pressure vessel in the world. All our vessels are specially Gel coated to double protect it from harsh environmental effects of the sub tropical region.

After Sales Service

Aquionics strives and believes in providing prompt and effective after sales service to its clients. Our well trained and experienced service team backed by National Toll Free Service number and co coordinator ensures that we have NO unsatisfied customer. This philosophy is being followed in our organization since 1973 and will be followed for the endless time to come.

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